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Paper cups vendors would analysis paper cup, paper bowl cost accounting problems

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-09
For investment production, involving cost, so customers are asking paper cups, paper cup, paper bowl machine production paper bowl, paper boxes and other production costs. And costs involved in many factors, makes a preliminary answer about this issue below: the cost of production is mainly composed of the following factors: 1. Paper ( PE film paper) For paper, can choose from 150 grams per square metre to 450 grams per square metre of PE film paper, different gram weight of paper, the difference in cost. Is a major determinant of cost. Such as: 9 oz paper cups, use 150 grams of paper costs less than three points, but the use of 250 grams of paper, cost will be about 5 points. As well as the quality of the paper, different parts of the paper have different prices also determines the cost of high and low. Cheaper paper manufacturer in wuhan, nanjing, zhejiang and other places. 2. Paper specifications ( Size) The size of the paper cups, decide how much to use, for example, 180 grams of paper cup: the size of the 4 oz paper cup cost is likely to be 2. About 5 points, 9 oz paper cups cost will be 3 - 4 points, 16 ounces of paper cups in 5 - cost 7 points. 3. Printing fee that is to say, monochrome printing, and die cutting, generally is about 300 yuan a ton. There are also many manufacturers are calculated according to this way: if: print 1000 copies ( 850 x580) , the monochromatic costs 50 yuan, 100 yuan for two color print 1000 copies, three color 1000 150 yuan, so on. Of course, different manufacturers may not be the same. 4. Manual and other fees involved here, artificial wages, electricity, site fees, the cost is not big. Due to the specific situation of each district is different, so it is difficult to calculate. So, if you don't know your specific needs of paper size, paper weight, etc. , we are difficult to calculate the specific cost.
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