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Paper cups printing color difference matters needing attention

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-29
Often, it is said, paper cup have off color printing. Color difference of two, one, called normal color, chromatic aberration called category. Paper cups printing color difference influence factors: first, now is with a computer liquid crystal displays, but if you are to the advertising company, the company have a look at will know that, they are flat, why, why is the difference in liquid crystal display and printing, there are a lot of color, display and printing, almost completely different. Second, the paper cup with the paper is pitted, like offset paper, copperplate printing is light, on the copper plate printing, coating, used to reflective, so there are two kinds of color printing, one is C, one kind is U face, surface is smooth, C U face is pitted, the color of the printed on paper cups, because is pitted, and become a little bit dark, no light on the coated paper. So everyone at design time, the best design is bright, it will have better feeling. Three or four color overlay less as far as possible, if CMYK four-color overlay, come out of the stack, mostly black, color, registered with the CMYK39393939, superposition of two primary colors as far as possible, if must be four color overlay, a higher requirement to the color, proofing, please.
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