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Paper cups factory house to introduces the material and performance characteristics of producing paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-13

Paper cup machine is composed of paper cup base paper and plastic resin particles composite extrusion, plastic resin generally use polyethylene resin ( PE) Paper cup base paper by single laminating PE film or double PE film after a single or double PE paper cup machine PE paper cup machine. PE itself, non-toxic, odourless, tasteless; Health reliable performance; Chemical performance is stable; Physical and mechanical properties of equilibrium, good cold resistance; Water resistance, moisture resistance and certain oxygen resistance, oil resistance; Excellent formability and the advantages of good heat sealing performance. PE production is big, easy to source, low price, but not suitable for high-temperature cooking, if the paper cup machine with special performance requirements, at the beginning of the film has a corresponding performance plastic resin. Appearance of the performance characteristics of paper cup machine, paper cup is mug shape, available for frozen food and drink items. Has the characteristics of safety and health, light and convenient. 1. Light quality, prevent breakage. Compared with glass cup, paper cups, the quality of light, and no broken danger. 2. Low cost. Weight distribution costs can be saved. 3. Good appearance effect. Printing packaging is easy to implement, the propaganda effect is good, can the promotion. 4. With a variety of composite materials, and improve the protection function. It with aluminum foil and plastic composite material, such as the stale corruption can prevent the built-in objects. 5. Shading performance is good, can keep the built-in content of color, aroma and taste. 6. Job available packaging machinery to realize high quality high speed production and packaging. 7. Easy to open and sealing, easy open sealable easy to recover. 8. Easily deal with waste and easily recycled, can save resources. 9. The emergence of new technology and new technology, make paper cup manufacturing technology unceasing enhancement, a new type of paper cups will appear and designs and varieties of products have more promotion and sales promotion.                                

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