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Paper cup machine when glue film paper when heated separation is how to return a responsibility

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-03
A process with many customers in the production of paper cup machine have what is called the adhesive glue, as the name suggests, the glue is paper cup machine in manufacturing paper cups will be a paper cup when a process with the adhesive into a cup shape if error in this section, so cannot produce molding paper cups, will make a lot of material is wasted. So according to mechanical appear such problem, this paper gives the solution to all hope to be able to bring you some help when paper laminating paper cup machine in there might be two reason for the separation when heated is the cause of the paper, if be of poor quality paper laminating by hand can give full off the PE film. Secondly, the paper cup machine heating plate temperature is too high and too low is not sticky. New debao machinery, professional paper cup machine manufacturer.
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