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Paper cup machine to produce paper cups with clear product requirements

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-02
Issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national standard committee paper cup national standard will be officially implemented. Disposable paper cup should reach the following standards: within 15 mm at the top can't print pattern is disposable paper cup had only an industry standard, the lack of national standards. The national standard ( GB / T 27590 - 2011). For paper cups of raw materials, additives, packaging, printing etc. Put forward higher requirements, ensure the safety of consumers. The biggest concern is for the first time put forward the requirement of the printing position, regulation outside the paper cups printing design should outline clear, uniform color, no obvious discoloration, but 'within 15 mm from the bowl at the top and bottom within 10 mm away from the bowl should not printing'. 'The glass is no printing on consumer protection. 'International food packaging association executive vice President and secretary general dong jinshi, according to the current domestic without the concept of food-grade inks, nor can be used in printing ink that come in direct contact with food. Drink the water in the lips close contact, the ink in the printing design may be intake, especially containing benzene ink more adverse to health. In the set of cups at the same time, there is printed at the bottom of the cup design, also easy ceng to another color on the inside of the cup, so the bottom also requires not printing. Fluorescent whitening agent can not add in the production of paper cups for raw materials, to avoid the production of toxic solvents, national standard, paper cups should not have peculiar smell, should not use recycled materials, raw materials use of additives should comply with the provisions of the standards, fluorescent whitening agent and industrial paraffin, talcum powder, is beyond the scope of GB 9685 additives can not be used in production and processing of paper cups. Dong jinshi, said this means, 'even contaminated scrap workshop shall not be used for paper cup base paper production and processing, all raw materials, additives should meet the requirements of food packaging level, can't add fluorescent whitening agent. 'And encourage the use of water-based ink, uv curing ink, ink and other energy efficient and environmentally friendly ink production of vegetable oil paper cups. In addition, the stiffness of the paper cups and permeability as well as the provisions of the standard, the bottom of the cup and side all should not be leakage, water seepage, if paper cups too soft, also not up to standard. Paper cups of all packaging materials to have enough sealing and robustness, the paper should be dust, moisture and mildew.
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