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Paper cup machine paper tube dislocation reason and solution

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-03
Everyone in the use of paper cup machine would covet a few small fault, more or less will affect everyone in the production, this site is for everyone to look at the paper cup machine today why paper tube dislocation and solution, hope to be able to help in everyone's daily to everybody. Paper cup machine rolls of dislocation reasons: first, the paper cup machine in the production of paper cups paper raw material is not smooth, the operating staff did not put the pieces of paper with stamp; Second: the push rod part of the paper cup machine malfunctioned, cannot work normally, which makes the paper cup machine rolls. Dislocation solution: first: the production of paper cup machine, paper origami link is very important, as long as the paper folding of good, the operator will greatly reduce the dislocation slip. Second: origami, pieces of paper to level off, the contact area and a rise in skin absorption of paper cup machine has a very good match, or skin contact with the paper is not fully absorption, will cause the paper cup machine paper, causing a series of failures. Hope the above content will bring you help, thank you for your support.
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