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Paper cup machine, paper bowl machine problems should be how to solve

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-16

Paper cup machine is made of chemical wood pulp paper ( White paper board) Done in the mechanical processing, bonded to a paper container, appearance is koubei, instruments available for frozen food and drink. Paper cup machine, paper bowl machine problems should be how to solve? For paper cup machine, paper bowl machine maintenance and repair, need not good professional locksmith technology, only need a little loose mind, need to understand a little CAM arrangement, the chain drive arrangement, as well as the basic principle of dividing box, the good lubrication and sites of the shutter is necessary condition of the normal work of the machine, and the heater temperature control for the influence of glass after molding ( Glue) Temperature too high or too low will constitute the cracking-off or leakage of the bottom of the cup. But for domestic paper cup machine, was the sole love faulty parts would be knurling rolling machine, this is the point, pressure is too large, cannot be added to the ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic frequency must be alignment, as not big pressure, and insisted on the pressure balance, please. In short no matter what kind of paper cup machine, please look what time the different parts of collaboration, the rotating platform and channel. So the paper cup machine broke down or paper bowl machine, is more than a few parts of the first check. Warm prompt: the development of paper cup machine products is closely related to the progress of the society is, since the product was born, is used in many industries, for the use of products more at ease in the future, when buy need to select the regular manufacturers, but also at the time of operation must be carried out in accordance with the instruction guidance!                                

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