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Paper cup machine in the convenient use of soup products


For liquid soup products, most of them use metal or plastic cans (manufactured by polyacrylonitrile or nylon co-extrusion process), and rarely use paper cup machines. Generally, metal easy-open can lids are used. The plastic cans have A foamed plastic insulation layer, the outer layer of the metal cover also has a plastic elastic clamping cover, in order to facilitate heating in a microwave oven, the outer plastic cover also has a vent hole. When dining, this canned soup does not have to be poured into other containers, just drink it directly.

In terms of the form of convenient fast-food soup, it can be divided into two categories: hot-sterilized liquid soup and solid soup prepared with water. These two types of soup products require different packaging forms.

The solid soup is usually packed in paper cups with better strength. The outer wall of the high speed paper cup machine adopts moisture-proof treatment, or directly uses polystyrene plastic cups, and more often uses paper-based composite films to easily open the lid. At the same time, the paper cup machine can also use composite packaging bags. Compared with cup products of the same capacity, the packaging materials of bagged products can save up to 84%, and the shelf life can also be extended.

At present, there are various forms of beverage packaging, but as far as the packaging is concerned, there is still potential for improvement. The bottle's volume and shape are cleverly integrated with its trademark design, which has led to a substantial increase in sales and won many packaging design awards.

The bottle and cap of this milk beverage are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which looks very much like the previous glass milk bottle. Its trademark is printed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, which is heat-shrinked and attached to the outer surface of the bottle. In addition, the aseptic packaging box of the paper cup machine is very popular because it is convenient to carry and can be frozen and consumed after drinking. The aseptic packaging is made of a composite material, in which the cardboard serves as a support, the polymer serves as a binder and moisture barrier, and the aluminum foil serves as a light barrier. Each package is also equipped with a separate straw.

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