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Paper cup machine in convenient noodle soup type packing usage analysis

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-07
Instant noodles is one of the most popular food, its unique technology and taste by social praise. Said to eat, then need disposable paper cup, paper bowl is convenient to eat, is chosen mostly for liquid soup products, metal or plastic jar ( Using polyacrylonitrile or nylon co-extrusion technology manufacturing) , rarely USES the paper cup machine, generally use a metal type easy open lid, the plastic tank body set with a foam plastic insulation layer, the outer layer of the metal cover and a plastic elastic clamp cover, to facilitate in the microwave heating, the outer plastic cover with a vent. During the dinner conversation, don't have this kind of canned soup down other containers, drink can. From convenient noodle soup product form, can be divided into after heat sterilization of liquid solid soup soup and add water mixing two categories, the two types of soup products require different forms of packaging. And the intensity of solid soup is multi-purpose better packaging paper cups, paper cups outside wall used moistureproof processing, or directly using polystyrene plastic cup, and use paper-based composite membrane more easy open lid. Paper cup machine also can choose compound bag packaging, compared with the same capacity cup products, packaged products save packing materials can be as high as 84%, the shelf life is extended. At present, the beverage packaging form is varied, but in terms of its packaging, still have the potential to improve. Capacity and shape of the bottle with his trademark on a cleverly integrated design, make the sales volume has increased significantly, and has won many packaging design awards. This kind of beverage bottle and cap with high density polyethylene ( HDPE) Materials, glass bottle looks like before. The trademark use of polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Printed material, through the outer surface of the heat shrinkable joint in the bottle, in addition, the paper cup machine aseptic packaging is very popular, because its easy to carry and can be frozen after drinking. Aseptic packaging made of a kind of composite materials, including the cardboard play a supporting role, polymer adhesive and moistureproof effect, have the effect of blocking the light, and aluminum foil each package also comes with separate packing straw.
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