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Paper cup machine has good development prospects

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-07
Paper cup machine can to a large number of manufacturers and professionals in recent years, the paper cup machine just as its name implies is a kind of mechanical production of paper cups. As we all know, paper cup is used for holding the liquid container, and holding the liquid usually eat class, therefore, we can learn from this paper cups must comply with the regulations of food safety. Then the paper cup machine is also need to consider when choosing system cup of raw material to the material can meet the requirement to eat. Paper tableware since its advent, in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions have been widely promotion and use. Paper products with elegant appearance, environmental health, prevent oil and heat-resistant features, and non-toxic tasteless, image good, feel good, biodegradable, and no pollution. Paper tableware, entered the market with its unique charm quickly accepted by people. The international fast food and beverage suppliers such as McDonald's, KFC, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the instant noodles factory all use paper tableware, etc. Twenty years ago and has been hailed as a & quot; White revolution & quot; Plastic products bring convenience to mankind at the same time, also produced today, it is difficult to eliminate & quot; White pollution & quot; 。 Because plastic tableware recycling is difficult, the burning of harmful gases, and not natural degradation, buried can destroy soil structure. The Chinese government every year to spend hundreds of millions of money to the processing results are much less. The development of green environmental protection product, eliminate the white pollution has become a major global social problem. At present, from the international point of view, many European and American countries have legislation to ban the use of plastic tableware. From the domestic situation, the ministry of railways, the state environmental protection administration, state development planning commission, the ministry of communications, Ministry of Science and Technology as well as local governments, such as wuhan, hangzhou, nanjing, dalian, xiamen, guangzhou and many other big cities have pioneered a decree, a total ban on the use of disposable plastic tableware, state economic and trade commission ( 1999). 6 files also make clear a regulation, at the end of 2000, a nationwide ban plastic food supplies. A change in the global plastic tableware manufacturing is gradually rise. ” With plastic paper generation & quot; The green environmental protection product has become one of development trend in today's society.
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