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Paper bowl mechanisms for paper bowl need what

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-20
Manufacturing paper bowl size selection is set according to the size of the paper bowl, generally choose 150 g - paper bowl 200 grams of paper is more, in some places also have to use 135 grams of paper, areas of different choice of paper also has certain influence. Therefore, the choice of paper bowl machine, or according to the size of the specific need to production of paper bowl, paper bowl of bearing the weight of factors to consider. For example: common breakfast bowl, catering portable paper bowl container product such as paper bowl, paper bowl machine of paper is in g - 200 Between 250 grams, of course, also have in breakfast bowl with 170 grams of paper production. For example: we are now common paper bowl of instant noodles are made from the inner and outer, inner lining is paper bowl, while the outer layer is paper bowl's coat. The inner paper bowl with g - 280 350 can be paper, as a paper bowl coat is also made on a paper bowl machine, with Manila board. Mentioned above these are very typical example, production of paper or paper bowl machine depending on the type of paper bowl set by the customer to choose the right paper.
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