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- paper bowl machine Paper bowl production cost analysis

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-11
The following analysis: (only for reference Mainly illustrate cost analysis method) Specific cost calculation! ! The following paper bowl production cost analysis: the analysis of the data will be subject to the market price at the beginning of 2012. Paper cup, paper bowl, paper boxes with commonly used on the market at present domestic paper respectively: 140 g/m2, 150 g/m2, 170 g/m2, 280 g/m2, 270 g/m2 for analysis basis. This kind of specifications of paper at present market price is in 7500 yuan/tons. Cost of paper and paper, coating ( The single side, double side) , thickness and quality and so on. Now produced 40 - per minute respectively 30-50, 30-40, only 50 for calculation basis. Detailed cost analysis to see the table below. 0024 to 1, 1000 yuan/month 6 cutting cost is zero. 002 ( Paper cutting Angle under the material can be offset by cutting fee) 002 in 10 years to calculate the cost of eight bowl bottom depreciation period 0. Paper: a size is 780 * 500 mm paper, printing, die cutting bowl of 8 pieces of wallpaper ( 30 ounces) And will be subject to 280 g/m2. The paper weighs 109 780 x 500 mm. 12g。 1 ton of paper can be cut 1000000 present 109. 12×8=73313. 8 bowl wallpaper costs: 6000 present 73313. 8 = 0. RMB 0845 / bowl bottom paper costs: 0. 0285 yuan, The bottom of the bowl of paper 1. 62 g double coating) Both together: a paper bowl molding cost is zero. 113 yuan. Cutting a piece of standard paper 0. 014 yuan, the cutting fee is only 0 each. 014÷7=0. 002 yuan. Printing: standard paper color printing price is 0. 02 yuan, two color printing is 0. 049 yuan, will be subject to two color printing, it will cost for each cup printing: 0. 049 present 7 = 0. 007 yuan. Packing materials: three layers of corrugated carton, built in 500, 2. 5 yuan, packing charges of each cup twice with 2. 5÷500=0. 005 yuan, if use other simple way of packing, the cost will be lower. Electricity: 0. 002 yuan, With 35 only/points, electricity price: 1 RMB/KW)
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