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Paper bowl machine, paper bowl of production safety instructions

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-17
Paper bowl machine for brief is used to make paper bowl of machinery and equipment, not only can produce the disposable paper bowl, also can produce plastic bowl, bowl of instant noodles paper, plastic bowl, for example, milk tea cup and so on. Paper bowl machine the brief process flow of easy operation, and high efficiency. Although paper bowl machine for processing the convenient store question, but a lot of people question the safety of the paper bowl questioned. Food packaging safety question always is question have been paid much attention by consumers, and packaging to detect the internal network exposure on paper bowl is rich in fluorescent thing is to let the consumer. So our company here to tell you, don't worry, our goods is worthy of your trust. Our paper bowl machine when produce, paper bowl is actually divided into two layers, table, from across the center. And it is in strict accordance with the provisions of the state, paper bowl lining due to directly touch the food, let's use of virgin pulp paper data enough to ensure food safety. And paper bowl machine produce paper bowl is the outer packing has the function such as compressive strength, waterproof, beautiful, not only to maintain food effect, and because the outer layer of paper bowl was not directly touch the food, there is no potential safety hazard. In addition the paper bowl machine the whole produce process is done on moisture, moisture proof, insulating, heat preservation measures, the operator will be punctual equipment cleaning job, can be useful to ensure the production environment clean. Trust to see these, we can know the paper bowl machine goods is safe, but centering. Small make up recommend we just chosen to guarantee the safety of well-known manufacturers, can enjoy fast and at the same time to ensure its edible security.
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