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News Letter | Opening Ceremony of “Black Horse Training Camp”


So as to strengthen the construction of the staff team, stimulate the employee’ s enthusiasm and creativity, improve their professionalism, Zhejiang New Debao Company held an opening ceremony and training for the “Black Horse Class” in the Newtop College of Commerce on May 10th. Nie Chunming, a well-known teacher in management field in China, was specially invited to give a lecture and over dozens of employees attended the training.

Mr. Nie Chunming combined his rich theoretical and practical experience with the theme of "professionalization and training", and integrate the dialectical unity of professionalism and work, and explained the theory and training methods of professionalism in depth, so that the participants could gain knowledge, be inspired, expand their work ideas and improve their professionalism level in a short time, which brought a lively and wonderful professionalism training course to all of them.

The training not only makes the participants deeply understand the importance of improving the professional quality, but also help them to learn, think and gain, which is conducive to the planning and development of their future career, and also improves the comprehensive quality of the staff and lay a solid foundation to boost their management level.

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