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"Made-in-Zhejiang” standard of Paper Cup Sleeve Machine  (T/ZZB1803-2020) which had been organized by Newtop Company, has been officially released on November 6, 2020, and will be formally implemented from November 30, 2020.

In the process of compiling this standard, the editorial team took into full consideration of the industry needs and future development trend, carefully planned and prepared for all the work. On August 14, the launch meeting and seminar was held in Wenzhou firstly, during which the team members went through a lot of experts' argumentation and made some discussions. Comments were solicited and the standard was formally approved by the expert group on October 25.

The standard of "Paper Cup Sleeve Machine" is set at "domestic first-class and international advanced". It adopts index level higher than the national standard, which specifies the development direction and provides technological basis for the overall quality improvement and brand construction of paper cup industry.

With this standard, Newtop will provide customers with much higher qualified paper cup machine products, and we are also willing to work with colleagues in the industry to develop and make progress together.

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