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News Letter |Kick-off Meeting of “Made-in-Zhejiang” Standard-Setting Was Held in NewTop Company


On the morning of August 14, 2020, the launch meeting of"Made-in-Zhejiang" group standard for the "Paper Cup Sleeve Machine" was successfully held in NewTop Company. This is the second time for us to lead the compilation on such standards for paper cup industry.

Some leaders, experts and enterprise representatives from Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, Wenzhou Polytechnic Institute and other machinery companies, together with our standardization working group, participated in the meeting.

Members of Zhejiang XindeBao Machinery Co., Ltd. Made  detailed introduction and preparation of the draft standard, soliciting the views of experts article by article. According to the "Made-in-Zhejiang" concept of "elaborate design, excellent selection of materials, precision manufacturing and precision service", all the attendants had a deep discussion on the contents involving product design, raw materials, manufacturing process, technical requirements, equipment, quality commitment and after-sales service guarantee. In the end, improvement suggestion, the main framework, detailed work plan for the next step were finalized.

As per advice of the experts, NewTop further revise and improve the draft accordingly, and strive to complete the formulation of the standard at the earliest. As the main drafting unit of "Made-in-Zhejiang" for "Paper Cup Sleeve Machine Standard", we will pay more attention to product quality in future. By technical research, process optimization, technological innovation and system improvement, etc., to improve product quality. We will take "Made-in-Zhejiang" brand construction as an opportunity, to speed up the transformation and upgrading of our products.

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