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News Letter | Effective Training of “Five Management Practices”


On June 7, 2020, NewTop Business College invited Mentor Jing Zhang, to held a Drucker's management training for Black Horse class. This lesson focused on“Five Management Practices”which are self time controlling, self contribution, using people's or self strengths , prioritizing important issues and making effective decisions.

We've often discussed what the enterprise should be like: homes,army or school? No, enterprise is all about contribution! Individuals rely on this platform to deliver their value and the enterprise relies on individuals to achieve the goals. As members of NeTop, we must clearly communicate this every day, asking yourself the question: "what can I contribute today?" or "what can I do to make a difference"? These are very interesting questions for everyone to ponder.

"Management" is an invisible hand, that is both science and art. Task of managers is not to change the views of others. Anyone who is "without integrity and responsibility" will not be tolerated in the company. The task of leadership is not to raise energy, but to release energy. Not as a teacher, I do not know the endless sea of learning. With the summary of practice to share, we should learn from each other and then get constantly improve. Let’s learn a new kind of lifestyle, acquire a new life experience. Adopt innovation to impact businesses and use creativity to change people!

During the full day of learning and practice, the participants of Dark Horse Class were very enthusiastic in interacting with each other in order to gain extra points for their teams. All of them were eager to participate in the quiz and contribute their own light and enthusiasm. Though Zhang Jing's in-depth guidance, Black Horse Class felt the depth of Drucker's thoughts....

Paying will be rewarded. Excellent team is either in the learning or on the way to learn. Success is not reliable, but effectiveness is long-lasting. Only through continuous learning can we become effective managers, work productively and live a happy life!

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