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News Letter | "510 Plan" - Recruiting and Selecting Talents


On the morning of December 30, 2020, Pingyang County held the launching ceremony of "Pingyang Visit" activity of 100 colleges and universities from nationwide, as well as the cooperation meeting of mechanical and mold manufacturing talents of colleges and universities. This activity is strongly supported by Zhejiang Talent Market, which precisely invites the person in charge of enrollment and employment departments of those colleges and universities covering all provinces and cities in China to attend the meeting.

Newtop Company, as one of the ten enterprise representatives of Pingyang County, was kindly invited by the county government to participate in this meeting. The manager of human resources department conduct a signing ceremony and establish a long-term cooperation relationship with universities.

In the afternoon, the leaders of the county party committee and the persons in charge of the enrollment and employment departments of 65 colleges and universities visited Newtop for a field trip. The HR manager and the chairman assistant led them to visit the site of the intelligent workshop, introduced the corporate culture and various imported equipment, and also showed the company's "horizontal high speed intelligent paper cup machine".

The HR manager had an in-depth and detailed discussion with the teachers of the universities on site about the company's development, talent cultivation, talent storage plan and cooperation methods.

Nowadays, companies are much more eager to attract and more capable of achieving talents than ever before. Graduating from college means the beginning of lifelong learning.

Newtop is a company that respects knowledge and talents. We pay attention to the training them on both professional skills and the comprehensive professionalism. We welcome more and more excellent talents to join us, and realize the complementary advantages and mutual benefits together.

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