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MG- 350 paper cup machine is introduced

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-18
MG- 350 paper cup machine, compact structure, smooth operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stepless frequency conversion speed adjustment, PC circuit control panel, arbitrary adjustable, mould replacement is simple, the manipulator clamping feeding, precise synchronization can according to user requirements design mold. This equipment is my company researchers combined with market demand, according to the pharmaceutical industry & other; GMP” And food QS standard requirements, combining with the current focus on the mainstream of the characteristics of the plastic molding packaging machine, innovative research and development of new products, the machine is made of the forming punching, blanking machine synchronous production, to avoid the product in the manual punching and blanking process by cross contamination, to ensure the product production process in full compliance with GMP/QS. Other synchronous production can reduce the production operation process, reduce the consumption of labor, the equipment adopts special hot forming method, greatly reduces the power consumption; New concepts of blanking, effectively reduce the generation of waste; So, from all aspects to reduce the production cost. In addition, it has a wide range of USES, used in medicine, PS/PE/PVC lid, plastic products, such as automatic production. The machine with reasonable price, elegant appearance, easy operation, human production, deeply welcomed by customers at home and abroad!
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