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Medium speed paper cup machine properties

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-01
Medium speed paper cup machine is also called single film paper cup machine, is a multi-station automatic molding machine, functional diversity, low failure rate, it through the automatic paper feeding, sealing, Sealing glass) , filling, filling, heating, knurling, continuous processes such as edge, and photoelectric detection, fault alarm and other functions, is the beverage industry in the production of paper cups, tea cup, coffee cup, advertising paper cups, ice cream cup or other food cone shaped containers the best ideal equipment. Single film paper cup machine is mainly used in the production of PE film paper cups ( From 3 oz to 12 oz. If the paper is more than 12 ounces, equipment design also to corresponding big up) 。 Medium speed paper cup machine function in detail and some molding process: adopt stepless frequency conversion adjustment ( Production speed adjusted easily) Photoelectric control; Automatic fault alarm according to the requirements of customers design and production mold, and by changing mold can produce a variety of specifications size of paper cups, achieve more than one product, reduce the production cost of manufacturing enterprises, is an enterprise's & other; Good helper & throughout; 。
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