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MB -S16 special specifications of single and double PE paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-29

MB - S16 single and double PE paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic machinery, it through the automatic paper feeding, sealing, filling, at bottom, heating, knurling rolling, curling, discharge, protruding, continuous process in the production of paper drink cup, ice cream cup or other food cone shape of container. The machine adopts microcomputer program control frequency converter, stepless speed regulation. Power: 220 v - 380 v free choice. Automatic control using optical contact switch. MB - S16 special specifications of paper cup machine is designed according to the needs of the market of production, this model in conventional paper cup machine ( MB - A12/MB- S12) Increase, on the basis of the design of the machine, used in the production of paper cups paper cups over 125 mm high, size range for z - 160 32OZ。 35 - production capacity 40 / min ( pcs/min) Cup 200 - paper material ( G) Single-side and double-side film paper cups from 12 - paper specifications 16 ( A convertible mould) Power total power 220 v, 50 hz 7 kw 380 v, 50 hz 7 kw weight 1600 kg shape size 2800 * 1200 * 1800 ( L×M×H)                                

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