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Matters needing attention when medium speed paper cup machine work

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-08
Now medium speed paper cup machine is one of the main equipment in production of paper cups, we pay attention to the production of paper cups? Paper cups production companies to create the food grade production environment, eliminate the pollution of production. Production areas: the dressing rooms, ultraviolet disinfection rooms, production areas, such as inspection room, molding workshop dust-free purification engineering workshop according to the national food standards improved, 24 hour production area particle concentration or microbial concentration measurement. In the design of the paper cup production company need to roll out in accordance with the new national standard of design templates, recommended to the new and old customers constantly. In front of the production in the design of the link, and constantly guide the customer to accept the new paper cup design style, actively to meet the new national standard. Paper cups production company to make sure never to use contain fluorescent agent, brightener, recycled pulp, such as inferior paper, paper cups and eradicate the source of inner health. In accordance with the relevant provisions, in paper cups production company to each batch of paper strictly incoming registration. Very many different kinds of medium speed machine, we must according to the requirements of their own when the choose and buy to choose the right product, price, don't too high or too low to understand the performance of the medium-speed machine is also very important, believe that the future development of medium-speed machine will be better!
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