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Market analysis of paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-21
Description of project: the paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic machinery and equipment, it has automatic paper feeding, sealing, at bottom, heating, knurling rolling, curling, discharge, protruding continuous process, fully automatic molding function of mechanical equipment. Product features: 1. Production speed is fast. Can produce paper cups of 40-50 per minute. 2. Can the production of various types of paper cups. Use within 4 ounces - 16 oz paper cups production. 3. Cover an area of an area small. Only 2. 28 square meters. 4. The operation is simple. Don't need professional technology. 5. Product environmental protection. Biodegradable and pollution-free. 6. Product non-toxic. Does not contain any harmful substances. 7. High temperature resistant products. About 80 ℃ temperature of the liquid can be canned. Market analysis: the state environmental protection administration, and wuhan, hangzhou, nanjing, guangzhou and other cities have enacted laws to ban the use of disposable plastic tableware, leaves a one-time degradable environmental protection paper cup as the restaurant industry and the mainstay of families' daily consumer goods. Demand for disposable paper cup in 2004 to 2 billion in our country, and the actual market estimator reached $1. 1 billion, market demand for space is larger. This product has a broad market space. Market sales of non-toxic double-layer coating paper cup price is in commonly 0. 5 / only, and the overseas import prices will be higher, and the market price of the machine in the production of paper cups only at 0. 15 / - only 0. 2 / only, more competitive advantage. The machine in the production of paper cups have been used by KFC fast food restaurant. Production conditions, investment 60000 yuan, of which fixed assets in 4. 50000 yuan, the liquidity of 1. 50000 yuan. Factory covers an area of 30 square meters, the staff 2 people, 5 power capacity. 15 kw. Benefit estimate: use the machine to produce the product, its comprehensive production cost is zero. 033 yuan/only, it is recommended that the factory price is 0. 1. 5 million production and sales of 063 yuan/only, just can recover the investment in equipment. Risk tip: 1. When the choose and buy raw materials, the small investors to choose best double-sided coated paper. Although expensive, quality assured. 2. Sales of products, should not blindly into the supermarket, enterprises and institutions to open up the market as the first priority
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