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Introduction to the paper cups printing way

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-19
There are many types of paper cups printing way, different ways of printing have different characteristics, the company introduce you printing characteristics of all kinds of paper cups, choose to suit your printing way. 1. Offset printing. By using the principle of oil and water repellent, film advertising paper cups oil-wet resistance to water, empty part of the hydrophilic oil resistance, through the blanket cylinder by transfer to the substrates. Gelatine printing paper cups of the advantage of design full, bright color, high resolution. Both in the gradient and small fine lines can well, make paper cup appearance more beautiful, more can attract the attention of customers. But the offset is not suitable for printing paper cups, for offset printing ink is not very environmentally friendly. 2. Screen printing, screen printing due to the layout of a soft, elastic, has a lot of flexibility and applicability. Not only suitable for printing on paper and cloth and other soft items, but also suitable for printing on hard objects, such as glass, ceramics, etc. , and not restricted by shape and size of the surface of the substrates. Screen printing paper cups, however, its advantages are not very well, and screen printing of graphic representation is very limit, precision processing gradient, representation and so on all has the certain difficulty. 3. Flexo, due to the use of water-based flexo ink, known as the 'green printing'. Now, many companies are to develop in the direction of flexo product packaging. As a result of flexo printing machine structure is relatively simple, compared with the huge body of offset press, expensive materials cost, flexo machine is 'thin'. In terms of cost, flexo machine equipment investment is lower than the same size offset press, general can save 30% ~ 40%. Production of small investment, attracting small printing enterprise to join. Flexo on original material not as more narrow as silk screen printing, color on regulation is broad, but compared to offset printing or inferior. Flexo is mainly used in paper cups printing process, paper cups printing quality depends largely on before printing production.
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