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In what aspects need to put paper bowl machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-19
Paper bowl machine is specially used to produce paper bowl of container equipment, such as bubble rainbow noodle bowl, tea cup, paper bowl by snacks and so on, are very common we paper container. What about a company that produces paper bowl, put the capital involved in what respect? Let's come to know about: first of all, of course, is the paper bowl machine produce equipment and maintenance costs in the late second, produce the material. Here goes to the cost of paper, printing. 1. Paper: size, variety, thickness, origin, brand and so on. 2. Printing: printing ink, printing varieties. Third, labor, place the salary of workers, produce place occupied bills. Finally, other utilities, all kinds of taxes, health costs, the insurance premium and so on. From the above said to just paper bowl machine company put into the most basic part of capital, many conditions are according to the status of the detailed analysis.
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