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I have seen the development of paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-21
Paper cup is a product of the era of environmental protection, focusing on environment, pay attention to health, pay attention to the historical trend of life, as a professional production of green paper cups paper cup machine more and more get the attention of people in the investment. Since China's entry into wto, domestic consumption level is higher and higher, the consumption idea more and more close to the international advanced level, particularly since the state economic and trade commission issued 6 order, disposable foam tableware on the decree banned, paper cups with its green environmental protection gradually replace disposable plastic cups, win the favor of consumers. Paper cup machine makes paper cups intact with the advantages of paper products, such as well protected against dampness, preservation, thermal, visual, sterilization, corrosion, etc. , paper cups are a perfect performance. Compared with the disposable plastic cups, paper cups with paper materials, processing performance and printing performance, health performance better. In addition, due to the paper material sources, easy to form the mass production, has certain mechanical properties, and can be used for composite processing, variety and diverse. These relatively disposable plastic cup of replication feature makes the cost of the cups is very cheap, relatively light in weight, easy to transport and easily recycled and welcomed by more and more manufacturers. Is, paper cups in favor by consumers at the same time, the more gold things are regarded as a new round of wealth opportunity, many manufacturers away from the original plastic cup equipment, changed the paper cup machine with specializing in the production of paper cups. The professional performance of paper cup machine makes it quite a strong capacity of producing a cup, but cup class cannot meet this huge consumer market. According to statistics, in 2006, China's paper consumption is controlled in 10 billion, over the next few years is expected to increase at an annual rate of 50%. Because the cups is required a one-time consumables in People's Daily life, if necessary, will use all the year round and needs constant, the market will never dry up. And relevant data show that China's annual consumption of disposable cups of more than 50 billion only, and presents the increasing trend along with the national consumption level, thus it is easy to see that at the moment, fewer than 20% of market share only paper cups, its development potential. Paper cup machine is not traditional patent paper cups in the production of large factories, it can meet the requirements of large factories, and thoughtfulness, sex is very small factory to provide tailored solutions, has attracted more and more small and medium-sized investors, created many small paper cup full of flexibility in all production base. Due to some paper cup machine is special features, such as high degree of automation, multi-use of sex, stepless frequency control of motor speed, photoelectric detection, fault automatic alarm, automatic counting, man-machine dialogue, let each a paper cup machine can play a maximum efficiency, achieve high yield and variety. Statistics show that an ordinary paper cup machine every minute a cup up to 45 - the number of production 55, equivalent to a cup of every second, and it's known as the 'fighter' of paper cup machine. High speed paper cup machine can be as high as: 100 per minute! Affected by the financial crisis in 2008, the market demand for paper cup machine industry has slowed. In the market for paper cup machine industry demand growth slowed, under the present situation of capacity expansion momentum and didn't get good control. Excess capacity and redundant construction not only results in imbalance of production and consumption, but also triggered a series of paper cup machine industry vicious price competition, and affected the paper cup machine industry profitability. Paper cup machine industry in China market, create conditions for foreign investment enterprises in China, international enterprises have many paper cup machine industry focuses on low cost expanding market opportunity in China, with foreign investment gradually increased, the domestic enterprise reform and restructuring to speed up quickly. System at the same time, the new industry such as the promulgation and implementation of policy will encourage our paper cup machine industry reshuffle, enterprise merger and reorganization will be prompted endeavoring to development of the policy. Due to the current paper cup machine industry profits, so the paper cup machine industry enterprise credit more carefully. Suggested Banks to strengthen the screening of paper cup machine industry enterprise, choose the industry leading enterprises, the long-term growth of enterprise, have good profit pattern of enterprise, focus on industry, paper cup machine industry focus on paper cup machine industry upstream and downstream enterprises, optimize the customer structure, industry demand for paper cup machine industry to develop new products. ( 1) Packaging machinery technology content increased. Our country existing some packaging machinery products technical content is not high, and have put a lot of advanced foreign technology application in packaging machinery. ( 2) Packaging machinery market has become increasingly monopolized. Prediction, as foreign companies to enter China's market, some not competitive domestic packaging machinery enterprises will be foreign acquisition, merger or bankruptcy of enterprises and some packaging product will be dominated by several large enterprises. ( 3) Packaging machinery spare parts production specialization. International packaging world attaches great importance to improve the packaging machinery industry and the whole packaging system general ability. So packaging machinery spare parts production specialization is the inevitable trend of development. Many components by the packaging machinery factory production no longer, but by some common standard parts factory production, some special parts by highly specialized production factory production. Really famous packing machine factory will likely be assembly plant, this is because many packaging machinery control unit or structure parts the same as the universal equipment, can borrow. Packaging industry in our country at present 'conveniently small', 'instead of' pattern and the development trend of specialization is very does not adapt, should adjust the unreasonable structure of whole enterprise as soon as possible. ( 4) To the multi-function and single polarization at a high speed. Packaging machinery's ultimate purpose is to improve productivity and product diversification. This makes the packaging machinery products specifications towards polarization direction, namely multi-function and single high-speed
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