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How to save paper cups


Knowledge of paper cup making machine

Several tips for making paper cups by paper cup making machine can be explained from the following four aspects. Try not to design and use paper cups with full colors. Secondly, don't use cheap and inferior paper cups. For the third figure near the bottom of the cup, the text design should be raised 5mm. The fourth paper cup leaks.

1. Try not to design and use paper cups full of colors. The full stack of paper cups has too much ink stacking, and the paper cups are produced directly for sealed packaging. The organic compounds discharged from the solvent ink during the drying process, isopropyl alcohol in the alcohol wetting liquid, and the volatile gases of the glazing paint are harmful to human health. In the sealed space, the full color of the paper cup covers the entire body of the cup. Near the mouth of the cup, when we use the paper cup to drink water, our lips will touch a certain position of the cup. It is easy to bring the above-mentioned chemicals with the liquid. The body affects health. . Therefore, we generally recommend that customers should not design full color when designing and making paper cups, and the smaller the color block, the better. It is also unsuitable to design graphics near the mouth of the cup, especially the block ink. Otherwise it will produce the same bad effect.

2. Don't use cheap and inferior paper cups. There are many manufacturers of paper cups now, but few can really do for customers. We can see paper cups with a price of about 4-5 points on the market. The quality of such paper cups is very poor, and the profits of manufacturers are indeed very limited. Even as low as a box of goods only earn 0.50-1.00 yuan. It is doubtful whether hygiene and quality can be ensured in every production process. And the paper used in the paper cup is easy to be deformed because it is very thin, and hot water will burn your hands and so on.

3. For the graphics near the bottom of the cup, the text design should be raised by 5mm. After the cup pieces are put on the machine, the bottom of the cup should be pressed at 5mm to ensure the firmness of the bottom of the cup. However, the high temperature and pressure of the machine can easily make the graphics and text near the bottom of the cup flower, affecting the appearance. Therefore, when designing and making graphics, the text near the bottom of the cup and the bar pattern should be raised by about 5mm according to the height of the bottom of the cup.

4, The leakage of paper cups. The production of paper cups are all in line production, and the quantity of each customer's demand is mostly tens of thousands or more. From an objective perspective, it is inevitable that tens of thousands of paper cups contain extremely small amounts of water. However, if the number of paper cups leaking is too much and exceeds the tolerable amount, then consumers can make full returns to the manufacturers, and the paper cup machine manufacturers should also return the customers unconditionally.

How to save paper cups made by paper cup machine

The usage of paper cups is high, and the amount of paper cups produced by the high speed paper cup machine is also very large in a day, so how to save the paper cups, so as not to damage the quality.

1 It should be noted that the finished paper cup products should be packed and packed, not scattered outside. If exposed for a long time, the appearance of the product will turn yellow, and it is easy to get wet and cause product quality to decline.

2 The storage place should be ventilated and dry and not easy to get wet. The outer packaging of the carton should be sealed and glued with tape, not tied with tape.

3 is the finished paper cups should be packed into groups, and the mouth of the bag should be tightly tightened. There should be no gaps to allow air to enter and destroy the paper cup body.

4 is the quality period of preservation of the finished paper cup products produced by the general paper cup machine in the case of good packaging is one to two years, it should be used as soon as possible to prevent quality decline.

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