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How to customize the disposable paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-02
With the widely application of disposable paper cups, more and more governments, group, enterprise or business unit, brand service, etc. , are beginning to start the advertising on the disposable paper cups. They pass in all kinds of LOGO printed on the paper cup, advertising words, designs, names and contact information, etc. , to promote the enterprise image. In the process of custom disposable paper cups will encounter many problems, such as design good-looking, but the printing effect is not satisfactory. We are customized advertising paper cups, we need to pay attention to what matters? First of all, we have to choose suitable products according to advertising purpose. For different advertising purposes, but the choice of targeted advertising paper cups type, and make sure good product model, quantity, packing and delivery time, etc. ; Second, make sure good advertising content. Enterprises according to their own requirements make good advertising content, can include logo, text, design, etc. After being issued paper cups manufacturers design draft for confirmation before mass production. If there is not satisfied, can also modify, until fully satisfied; Third, the delivery of the deposit to start production. After defining the style of the product, start production and delivery of the deposit and confirm the order by paper cups manufacturers to ensure delivery on time; Fourth, pay the balance, receiving inspection. After paying the balance, can receive production factory production of paper products. To the inspection on products is conducted by the first time at this moment, if there is a problem should be timely to contact the manufacturer; In the advertising paper cups made, before printing production, enterprises must make sure good design style. Not temporary replacement other style, in the process of production and material for the product and packaging, etc. , do a good job in detail requirements, so as to avoid disputes over there was a problem in the final delivery.
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