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How to correctly choose paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-01
Paper cups are stacked together, in the process of sales in sealed plastic packaging, although visible, touch it, but I don't know how quality, and the common man here introduce how to select the paper cups products to consumers. A, see the packaging and logo: general paper cups should be sealed in plastic bags, packing bags should not have damaged, imprecise packing paper cups vulnerable to environmental pollution, health not guaranteed. Product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product standards, production date, validity, etc. Paper cups products technical performance shall implement the QB/T22941997 standard for paper cups and also can perform the enterprise standard. But health indicators GB11680 - have to be carried out 1989 'food wrapping paper, hygiene standards'. Second, check the appearance: paper cup shape should be very rich, should not have to be out of shape. In addition to choose good stiffness of the body of paper cup. Stiffness of the cup body is bad paper cup with his hand pinched up very soft, with water or beverage, when they end up serious deformation, even end up, affect the use. When choosing paper cups, usable hand gently squeezed in the cup side, can be roughly know the stand or fall of stiffness of the cup body. Third, pay attention to the health situation of paper cups, glass direct contact with the mouth, is particularly important to the health. GB11680 - 1989 'food wrapping paper, health standard', the fluorescent whitening agent and some pathogenic bacteria for heavy metals in the corresponding stipulations. Paper cups health situation is good or bad, only to accurately test in the laboratory, consumers could not judging by appearance, but in the formal channels to buy normal manufacturer of products, such health conditions can be guaranteed. ( Source: general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, 2003 - 4 - 5) 。
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