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How to choose the suitable own paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-01
Thermal paper cup and paper cups, paper cups points but the vast majority of citizens. Although supermarket brand of paper cups, paper cups, everyone used to buy before, but there are a lot of people don't know paper cups and hot and cold. Many people only see the quantity, the price of freight label on the package, as well as the production date and so on, and the temperature rarely see. The paper USES different, the price also different. Some brand hot cups of medium-sized 50 packing price is 13. 9 yuan, and the price of paper cups cold for 6. 9 yuan. Paper cups cold heat two. Often use cold drink cup for hot drink is harmful to human health. Common cold drink paper cup surface spray wax or paraffin processing, water temperature in normal temperature, the wax is very safe. Once the water temperature over 62 ℃, the wax will melt, paper cups would be out of shape. Melted wax, would be the drinks, the influence is healthy. And different hot drink cup is paste on the surface a layer of film, good heat resistance, non-toxic harmless. Paper cups of choose and buy should choose according to use. There are three kinds of supermarket of paper cups, a kind of with heat resistance, can be hot drinks. A don't indicate the word, not sure can hold hot drinks, cold drinks, best another it can be heated in the microwave, citizens can be on-demand option. In addition, people should choose regular supermarkets and shopping malls to purchase, check the producer name and address on the product packaging, production date, shelf life, product grades, production license, sanitation license, certification marks, etc.
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