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How should the paper cup machine maintenance correctly?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-09
Paper cup machine with no startup remember to do maintenance, can not let the machine's efficiency have become more and more low. Here are some paper cup machine maintenance knowledge. 1 to the purity of the paper cup machine blade, can't let the wound stained with too much plush thread, especially careful not to touch water, because after touching water, paper cup machine blade easily stick online group and at the end of the line, keep the purity of the blade and the sharpness is to ensure accurate cutting hair bulb conditions quickly. Bearing zero firmware between 2 check the paper cup machine lubrication, prevent mechanical rotating rust, reduce the operation speed, excessive wear and tear parts. 3 paper cup machine after excessive operation, need to make mechanical sufficient rest, reduce the temperature, the temperature is too high to prevent parts lead to mechanical life shortened, so time to reasonably control the mechanical job.
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