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How does the paper cup machine make paper cups?


Nowadays, disposable paper cups have become an indispensable daily tea drinking tool for people's daily life, hospitality, and even their own use due to their convenience, speed, hygiene, and environmental protection. They are widely used in catering and other service industries, enterprises, institutions, and families.

A paper cup is a paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding of base paper made of chemical wood pulp. The appearance is a cup shape, which can be used for frozen food and hot drinks. Paper cup machine is a machine that automatically converts fan-shaped paper into paper cups. It has the characteristics of safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience. It is an ideal equipment for hotels, restaurants, restaurants, milk tea shops, and cold drinks shops.

The forming process of the paper cup making machine is not complicated. The paper cup is mainly composed of the cup wall and the bottom of the cup, so the forming process of the paper cup machine is to process the bottom and the wall of the cup separately, and then firmly integrate them into one. 

Paper cup machine

The paper cups produced by the automatic paper cup machine have a wide variety and a wide range. The main consumer fields are: office areas, entertainment venues, public places, meetings of different sizes, group outings, etc. The paper cup material processed by the paper cup machine is mainly coated paper. The paper on the wall of the cup can be printed into a fan shape after printing a fine pattern in advance, and the paper on the bottom of the cup can be rolled paper. The forming process of the paper cup machine is as follows:

First, the paper cup manufacturing machine will automatically process the fan-shaped paper sheets that have been printed into a paper cup tube, and then bond the paper cup wall by thermoforming, and the bottom of the paper cup uses roll paper. At this time, the paper cup will automatically feed the paper. Punching.

Then, the paper cup will seal the bottom of the cup and the cup wall, and then there will be hot air blowing to bond. Then there is the knurling step of the high speed paper cup machine, that is, when the bottom of the paper cup is glued, a layer of marks is rolled by mechanical movement. Finally, the curling step of the new top paper cup machine is to shape the curl of the mouth of the paper cup.

The process of producing paper cups using a paper cup forming machine is simple and easy to use, and can be made into paper cups through the processes of coating, slitting, printing patterns, and unfolding forming. The technical parameters of the paper cup machine are in line with the relevant national product parameter standards. It has a variety of paper cup specifications and high productivity. The cost of paper cup machine production is low. The specific cost relates to the quality and weight of the paper, the size of the paper cup, and printing. The number of colors, in general, the cost of each paper cup is between 2-4 points, compared with the market retail price, has a very considerable profit.

  The process of producing paper cups by the paper cup machine is not only simple, but also produces a variety of paper cups. The paper cup machine itself also has incalculable advantages. It has a high degree of automation, and all processes such as paper feeding, sealing, and oil filling are automated; one machine is multi-purpose, and one paper cup machine has multiple specifications and shapes of molds; it can adjust production speed, automatic counting and other functions.

  New Debao Machinery is a scientific research entity specializing in the development of environmental protection machinery and equipment and practical new technology research. It has all-round advantages from research and development to mass production in the field of environmental protection machinery. The development of a new generation of automatic paper cup machine has won the respect and trust of the majority of users.

  The company regards product quality as its life, and constantly introduces new technologies and various talents. In order to ensure product quality, the company has built a strict quality system project and established a perfect quality assurance system. The paper cup machine can produce ordinary cups with high quality and low price, as well as high-end advertising cups, integrating practicality, art and environmental protection. Paper cup machine is widely used in various fields of national life, not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also convenient life.

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