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How about the quality management implemented in New Debao?
Quality management is fully and strictly implemented in Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co.,ltd. We not only set up a comprehensive quality management mechanism but also a set of standards to evaluate the effects after implementing the mechanism. Though it spent much time and effort at the very beginning of quality management implementation, we still ensure the full execution of the measures. Our employees are fully trained to be qualified for the operation of quality management. In the next stage, we decide to optimize the measures to further improve manufacturing efficiency.

With years of focus on design and production, New Debao has earned a reputation as a skilled and innovative manufacturer of double wall paper bowl machine. The automatic punching machine series is one of the main products of New Debao. The quality of this product is checked at every different level under the supervision of quality inspector to ensure the superior quality. It makes the appearance of the cups more attractive. With this product, there will be no more people to toss and retate all night on the back of the sweat and chill. It is a kind of CE-certified product.

Improving the quality with all round service is the concept for New Debao to develop. Please contact.
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