New debao intelligent paper cup machine, make the work so simple!

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How about New Debao shipping services?
If you have your own logistics agent, we can get in touch with your logistics agent and deliver the shipment to the designated location. If you do not have a logistics partner, at Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co.,ltd, we can help with the whole logistics process. We have long-term and reliable logistic partners. Whether it is for air freight or sea transport, we ensure safe, on-time, and economical delivery. And we will closely monitor the whole process and offer your real-time tracking service.

New Debao stands out for the strong capability for manufacturing automatic punching machine for paper cup. We mainly excel in designing, manufacturing, and marketing products. The paper cup machine series is one of the main products of New Debao. The design concept: the design concept of New Debao automatic punching machine for paper cup is positioned high in our company. The design, in addition to the support of a team of talented designers, is also based on the market survey. It is equipped with PLC to control the whole electrical, photoelectric tracking and monitoring the machine condition. It helps users relax and fall asleep quickly. Light and clean touch, let customers get a long-awaited rest. The product can perform auto malfunction inspection.

our company determines to be the leading double wall paper bowl machine manufacturer in accordance with the spirit of double wall paper cup machine. Inquire online!
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