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High speed paper cup machine purpose in life,

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-17
High speed paper cup machine in life purpose in the era of rapid development of science and technology nowadays, paper cups is this era under a product under the condition of environmental protection, pay attention to health, pay attention to life, pay attention to the environment in the social trends, the paper cup machine, paper plate machine such as environmental protection equipment more and more get the attention of people. High speed paper cup machine in the production of paper cups fully retained the advantages of paper products, such as fresh and well protected against dampness, visual, sterilization, heat, corrosion, etc. , paper cup has a perfect performance. Compared with the disposable plastic cups, its advantages are more obvious, the paper adopted the paper material, health performance, processing performance and printing performance is very good. What's more, the source of paper materials widely, can undertake large quantities of production, type is also very rich. Compared with the characteristics of not the copy of disposable plastic cup, paper cups of low cost, light weight, easy to transport, easy to recycle, so the paper cups favored by more and more manufacturers. Medium speed paper cup machine 'cup' national standards ( GB / 27590 - 2011). Will take effect on June 1, the new national standard for paper cups of raw materials, additives, fundamentally packaging, printing, etc. Put forward the requirements of higher than the industry standard. Such as close to paper cups and cup bottom printing position has strict rules: 'within 15 mm from the bowl at the top and bottom within 10 mm away from the bowl should not be printing', so that you can avoid on consumer eating when the use of disposable paper cups paper cup packaging printing ink, so as to improve the use safety of paper cups. High speed paper cup machine
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