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Function and purpose of paper cup machine


Using stepless frequency conversion speed regulation (easy adjustment of production speed), photoelectric monitoring: automatic fault alarm and counting. Design and manufacture molds according to customer requirements. By changing the molds, paper cups of various sizes can be produced to achieve multiple products in automatic paper cup machine.

1. Automatically process the printed fan-shaped paper (the unfolded shape of the cup) into a paper cup shape.

2. Adhere to the wall of the paper cup by thermoforming (according to the characteristics of PE coated paper).

3. At the bottom of the paper cup, roll paper is used for automatic paper feeding and punching.

4. Bonding of cup body and bottom: hot air blowing bonding.

5. Knurling: When the bottom of the paper cup is glued, a layer of imprint is rolled by mechanical movement.

6. Crimping: The curling of the mouth of the paper cup is formed.

In what ways can paper cups be recycled?

Paper cups are now a common item in our lives. Paper cups machine provide us with a lot of convenience, especially when we can't find a big quilt, we can take out paper cups to entertain guests. The commonness of paper cups also brings some impact or environmental pollution to our living environment, because paper cups are usually not used after being used once. In this way, ordinary households or some restaurants throw away big bags. Too. Eco-environment is being advocated now, so in order to live a better environment, in fact, paper cups have many uses.

1. Make a pen holder

2. Used to raise some grass flowers

3. Made into toys

4. Install some needle thread

5. Pack toothbrush and toothpaste

6. Make decorations

7. Make a flower basket

As long as we observe the things around us, we will find that many things can be used again. I hope everyone has a good environmental awareness and let us live in a green place.

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