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Fully automatic high speed paper cup forming machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-27

Paper cup machine use and production investment prospect: automatic high-speed paper machine is mainly used in domestic production, can produce single PE film paper cups ( From 7 ounces to 36 ounces) 。 This machine is suitable for the domestic market of paper cups, advertising paper cups, ice cream cups, coffee, coke, paper cups and other production. Investment prospects: the market demand is big, adapted to the demand of social development, the paper container will clamp down on plastic cups. Machine covers an area of less, small power consumption, low labor intensity, simple operation, A person can operation) Less, and the funds required for the investment, the risk is small, very suitable for family's investment. Function in detail and some molding process: adopt stepless frequency control of motor speed, Production speed adjusted easily) Photoelectric monitoring: automatic fault alarm and counting. According to the requirements of customers design and production of mould, through changing mold can produce a variety of specifications size of paper cups, achieve more than one product. 1. Will have been printed paper ( The expansion of the cup) Automatic processing molding for paper cup shape. 2. Using ultrasonic adhesive paper cup sucked ( More health, environmental protection) 。 3. The bottom of the paper, using the web, automatic feed, cutting. 4. Cup, cup bottom glue: glue blowing hot air. 5. Knurling: glue at the bottom of paper cup, through the mechanical movement, rolling on a layer of impressions. 6. Edge: paper cup edge shape of the mouth.                                

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