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Extend the service life of paper cup machine paper cups vendors would explain the trick

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-12
So how to reduce the loss of paper cup machine, prolong the life of paper cup machine; When use, should pay attention to the following. Dirt on the a, clean up the sundry, motor, sundry, near and far away from flammable and explosive substances. Second, check the machine before initiating the rotation is fluent, is stuck, jams, belt connection is normal; If there is abnormal, avoid by all means continue to start the laminating machine. Third, the startup voltage should comply with the rated voltage, voltage too high or low should not start laminating machine; General voltage at rated voltage value around five percent to ten percent. Drive system is a computer control, after gear reduction, the mechanism of the paper in the movement and composite part, pressure roller in the absence of regulation can automatically maintain work pressure, work to ensure that the film continues to improve, if not enough brightness, coating the products can pass calender roll extrusion, should be able to increase brightness.
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