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Expert Review Meeting of “Made-in-Zhejiang Standard” Has Been Successfully Held in Ningbo


October 25, "Made-in-Zhejiang" standard expert review meeting for “Paper Cup Sleeve Machine” has been successfully held in Ningbo. Some experts from Zhoushan Quality Technical Supervision and Inspection Institute, Wenzhou Standardization Institute, Shanghai Tianxiang Quality Technology Services Company etc had been invited to take part in this meeting.

Firstly in the meeting, the chief technical engineer Peng Ziliang from Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd. gave a welcome speech. Subsequently, all the participators listened to his report about the background and purpose of the standard, the core content and the preparation process, the advanced nature of the standard instructions and so on. The expert leader of the review group elaborated the goal of "Made-in-Zhejiang" group standard positioning "domestic first-class, international advanced", and emphasized the compliance and advanced nature of this standard. It is a requirement that the project be "economically viable, economical and operable".

According to the target requirements, the group conducted a detailed review, questioning and discussion of the standard (submission draft) text article by article in comparison with the existing international standards, national standards and industry standard situation of the product, and then formed an expert conclusion. Finally, the expert panel agreed to approve the standard review.

Based on the relevant process, the standard preparation working group will complete the revision of the standard "paper cup jacket machine" according to the comments of the review meeting, and strive to complete the approval and release of the standard as soon as possible. 

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