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Drum paper cups die-cutting machine adjustment method

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-21

In the use of drum paper cup die cutting machine to control the position of the operation panel, this is safe for die cutting plate pressure adjustment, skew is more easy to operate, but also in the case of boot operation can be adjusted at any time. General drum paper cups of the die-cutting machine die-cutting pressure adjustment is adjusted by the way, and the way, is in the upper part of the paper feed adjustment or a walk down to the bottom of the paper, the vast majority of reel paper cups die-cutting machine with the adjustment, because from the technical perspective two-seater die-cutting if it is to use the adjustment is hard to let go of paper in a level. The same for die cutting board skew adjustment, also can adopt the method of adjustment on, it has the same reason. Manufacturers in selecting machine, especially of the double die-cutting machine must take into account the factors.                                

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