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Double PE paper cup machine introduction at a high speed

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-04
HS - PS- 12 double PE paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic paper cup molding equipment. It automatically by the row over film transfer paper, ultrasonic welding, manipulator, oil injection, at bottom, bottom, preheating, knurling, unloading cup, such as continuous process, production of various types of paper cups, ice cream cups. The machine adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, power 220 v - 380 v free choice; Using optical non-contact switch abnormal detection work, to realize the automatic stop trouble, protect the machine parts without collision, improve the stability and service life of the machine; Hold tube station adopts CAM driven around about independent cup holder, no noise at work, barrel movement is stable and reliable, the latest technology in China. 45 - production capacity 55 / min (only pcs/min) 40 - 45 / min (only pcs/min) 30 - 40 / min ( pcs/min) Cup 180 - paper material 280 ( G) For 180 - the paper cups from one side or two side film 280 ( G) For 180 - the paper cups from one side or two side film 280 ( G) One side or two side coating paper cups from 4 - paper specifications 12 ounces ( A convertible mould) 14 - 16 oz. ( A convertible mould) 18 - 22 ounces ( A convertible mould) Power supply total power 220 v, 50 hz. 8Kw 380V50Hz 4. 8Kw 220V 50Hz 4. 8Kw 380V50Hz 4. 8Kw 220V 50Hz 4. 8Kw 380V50Hz 4. 8 kw weight 1500 kg1500kg1500kg appearance size 2600 * 1220 * 1700 ( L×M×H) 2600×1220×1700( L×M×H) 2600×1220×1700( L×M×H)
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