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Company News | The Inauguration Ceremony of the 14th Class Committee of NewTop


On the morning meeting of March 29, 2021, NewTop held a grand inauguration ceremony for the 14th Class Committee.

In the past two years, we are grateful to the 13th Class Committee for bringing joy and touching to the employees. They always uphold the original intention, firmly believe in the welfare of the employees, working hard and striving for the our good life.

In the beginning of ceremony, the head of 13th Class Committee named Huangzhan delivered the annual summary of their work. With the characteristic wisdom and unique character charm, they create surprise and benefits for the staff again and again.

After that, Mr. Dai Daojin, the chairman of the company, gave a speech to introduce the meaning of "King of Eagles", which made everyone understand more about the responsibilities that should be taken by the committee members and the magnificent transformation like an eagle soaring on the wings after overcoming difficulties. Meanwhile, he also sincerely thanked all the NewTop members for their dedicated attitude, professional R&D and dedicated service, and their unremitting efforts to create quality life for customers.

Finally, Mr. Dai announced the notice of the 14th Class Committee's appointment, and the inauguration ceremony was carried out in an orderly manner under the exciting music. We sincerely hope that the members of the new committee will continue to be mindful, grateful and contribute their wisdom and strength to the cultural construction activities of the company.

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