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Company News | The Employee Birthday Party Sketch of the 1st Quarter of 2021


Growth is not expected, but birthday is. In this spring time, we gathered together to hold the first birthday party this year for our employees.

It was a unique outdoor birthday party. After a busy day`s work, the employee couldn't wait to join the activity, and the site was filled with a warm and cheerful atmosphere. We can not only see the various gifts prepared by the class committee, but also colorful and tasty food, which look pretty delicious.

The members of the 14th Grand Class Committee sang the birthday song and shared the cake with everyone. The ritual of birthday is essential.

After the feast, there was a fun-filled game session: listen and recognize the song, grab the stool and so on. Colleagues who did not know each other can get to know, and other familiar partners can deepen their friendship as well. Everyone can relax and enjoy the happy time in the game.

May we live up to every encounter, and live up to the years and ourselves. Before the end, everyone got their own beautiful gifts and took pictures together to freeze the happiness in this moment. We wish that in their future days, there will be light in their eyes and frankness in their smiles. Let's continue to make progress together with warmth and live up to the time!

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