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Company News | NewTop Staff Recognition Ceremony of 2021


On the morning meeting on March 15, 2021, NewTop Company held a simple but grand staff commendation meeting to encourage and praise their selflessness and dedication to their work.

The Spring Festival of this year was quite different from the past. A large number of employees responded positively to the call of epidemic control and voluntarily spent the New Year Holiday here. Their holistic view and sense of responsibility of "sacrificing the small for the big" touched us deeply and is worth learning from all the NewTop staff.

Moreover, right after the holiday, many NewTop members returned to their posts at the first time, and put into the new year's work with full spirit to ensure the production can be back to normal as soon as possible. For their efforts, we also bear in mind.

President Cai Xiuping of NewTop Business College awarded the prize to employees and enthusiastically took pictures with them. The laughter at the scene washed away the hardship and fatigue of the past days. The bright smiles and sunshine reflected each other.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." Every harvest is inseparable from the usual dedication and efforts. We hope that from this moment on, all of us in NewTop can gather our wisdom and strength again, ride on the momentum towards the new goal and march forward.

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