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Company News | Learning Experience Sharing Conference about “Life Promotion Training”


As we all know, NewTop has always had a strong learning culture, and Chairman Mr.Dai and Business College Dean Ms.Cai always encourage staff to seize learning opportunities to continuously improve themselves. Recently, by the preparation of the company, a group of employees left for Wenzhou to experience the "life promotion journey" together.

Although the course only took three days, these employees came back with a new outlook and gained full of harvest after learning. Therefore, on the daily morning meetings, the company invited them to share their training experience with everyone, hoping that more employees can feel their positive energy.

They came on stage and shared their perceptions one by one: gratitude, cherishing, rules, responsibility, bearing, filial piety, team spirit ...... Each one chose a different perspective, but each point is closely related to our daily work and life.

With a few words or eloquent speeches, their passionate words and excitement infected us everyone on site. Meanwhile, they set an example and showed us the tacit understanding and strength of the team by their actions: unity of effort, no complaints, putting heart together, wholehearted devotion and perseverance.

"Only when you know deeply can you act. When you act deeply, you will know". The farthest distance in the world is from knowing to doing, and then to doing it consistently. Thank you for the learning opportunity given by NewTop Company and the wonderful sharing by those students. We hope more employees can devote themselves to learning in the future. We wish what you can learn is what you can use, and everyone can embrace a better self in the new morning!

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