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Company News | IE Improvement Kick-off Meeting


In order to carry out the company's rationalization and improvement measures, set up an innovative improvement system, and finally improve management capabilities, NewTop officially held the "IE improvement kick-off meeting" on April 12.

First of all, presenter Ms Wang briefly introduced the IE concept and officially announced the establishment of "Improvement Committee". Executive member, the IE Dept. Manager Ms Hou spoke and explained the origin, definition, spirit, soul and life of IE improvement to us. Only through continuous learning, discovery, innovation and improvement can we save cost effectively.

As the leader of committee, the assistant to the chairman Mr. Dai read out the IE improvement initiative, mobilizing and calling all the NewTop staff to actively participate in the improvement action.

The most important part of the meeting was the speech and award given by Chairman Dai Daojin. He emphasized the role and importance of IE and its extraordinary significance to the development of the enterprise. Meanwhile, he personally awarded the prizes to the employees who won the excellent improvement awards and had a photo with them.

We sincerely thank them for participating in the improvement work and contributing their share to the improvement of production efficiency and cost saving; we also hope that all the NewTop members can work together and pool their wisdom to make our company go further ahead.

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