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Company News | “Excellent Staff Commendation Meeting” of the Year 2020


In order to set a benchmark, encourage the advanced and inspire employees, in the morning of May 3, 2021, NewTop Company held a grand "Excellent Staff Commendation Meeting" to praise the advanced individuals who emerged from various positions in the previous year. Chairman Mr. Dai, Business College Dean Ms. Cai and all the staff gathered together to share this glorious moment.

Let's get to know this excellent colleagues:

Service Angel Award

Quality Pioneer Award

”Piercing Eye” Award

Technical Innovation Award

Budget Conscious Award

Lean Manufacturing Award

Distinguished Award/Best Potential Award/Best Newcomer Award/Exclusive Award

Loyalty Guardian Award

Outstanding Contribution Award

Strategizing Award

First Monitor Award for “Dark Horse Boot Camp”

Members of the 13th Class Committee

At the end of the award ceremony, the chairman Mr. Dai delivered a speech. He not only said that the steady development of the company cannot be achieved without the hard work of all the employees, and hoped that the outstanding employees who were honored could play an exemplary and leading role; at the same time, he emphasized the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement of the employees. To create an active learning atmosphere and corporate culture, it needs the participation of both the company and the employees. We hope that the learning culture of mutual encouragement and knowledge can be deeply rooted in everyone!

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