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Chinese fishing boats in the south China sea by the Indonesian ships baiting shooting China respond,

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-09
Chinese fishing boats in the south China sea by the Indonesian ships baiting shooting the Chinese response to the question: according to the report, 18, a spokesman for the Indonesian navy Indonesian navy ships in the soil natrium islands waters on the day to seize one of illegal fishing by Chinese fishing vessels and seven Chinese fishermen, also carried a warning during shooting. Is China, please confirm. Zhejiang new debao tell you answer: 17, Chinese fishing boats in the south China sea in southwestern China traditional fishing grounds during normal operation, has been more attacks and shootings Indonesian navy ships, caused the Chinese fishing boat is damaged, 1 crew shot and injured another 1 seven fishing boat and ship by Indonesia's detention. News medium speed paper cup machine, the emergency dispatch in law enforcement to the coast guard ships near waters to protect fisher, rescue the wounded, and through diplomatic channels to the Indonesian side strongly protest and solemn representations. 18 morning, I was injured crew has urgent sent to the local hospital of hainan province, the current injury situation is under control. High speed paper cup machine in the sea area for Chinese fishermen's traditional fishery and Indonesia Marine rights and interests of both sides in the waters of the overlapping claims. Excessive use of force by Indonesia warships, harassing the Chinese fishing boat shootings, violate the life property safety of the Chinese fishermen, a serious violation of international law, including the United Nations convention on the law of the sea, and in violation of the declaration on the conduct of parties of the south China sea. China is kind of excessive use of force by the behavior of the strong protest and condemnation. China urges the Indonesian side will no longer take complicate dispute, medium speed paper cup machine expansion and affect peace and stability, and dealing with Marine fisheries in a constructive way
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