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Celebration Festivals | The "Lipstick DIY Salon" on Women's Day


Have you ever dreamed to own one of these lipsticks:

It is made by your own hands

It is moist and bright

It is fragrant and refreshing

It is edible

And today, you can realize the dream.

With coming of the annual "International Women's Day", Ms. Cai Xiuping, the Dean of Newtop Business college, considerately arranged a "Lipstick DIY Salon" for all the female employees of the company. When essential oil meets lipsticks, what a wonderful journey will unveil, let's wait and see.

At the beginning, Ms. Cai gave the interpretation of "the beauty of women" and sent her blessings to everyone. The " internal and external beauty" is what all of women should pursue and learn, including the inner connotation, the outer temperament, the family balance and the cultivation of moral character, which is worthy of our lifelong study.

After that, Ms. Lan Jin, a senior domestic aromatherapist, made a detailed introduction to the source, efficacy and usage of essential oils. She interacted with everyone from time to time, and gave out gifts. The ladies were attracted by the rich content. They listened attentively and spoke actively and the atmosphere on site was warm and cozy.

It was time to make lipsticks! Everyone followed the teacher's steps in an orderly manner and began to concentrate carefully in turn: choosing colors, sterilizing lipstick tubes, grinding, adding beeswax, heating and melting, adding essential oils and VE, and pouring into molds. Once all the work was done, we let time do the magic and just waited patiently.

Twenty minutes passed quickly, and the finished lipstick was ready to come out. The teachers helped everyone to demold the lipsticks with great care. The joy was inexpressible when they got their own handmade lipsticks. Everyone took out their cell phones to leave the most beautiful and unforgettable moments for themselves, for the lipsticks and for their partners.

Lipsticks with essential oil are zero chemicals, zero heavy metals. They smell refreshing, safe and healthy to use. Handmade by yourself, it is a very special gift for yourself, your mother and your girlfriend on this day.

This is a game of charming colors, a collision of charm and creativity, and a special dedication from Newtop to the female employees. Finally, let's wish the ladies happy holidays and beautiful forever!

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