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Base paper to the molding of paper cups ( Paper bowl) The main process

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-04
1. PE film: is the base paper ( Blank sheet of paper) With PE film machine, film laminating. Side of the paper is called a single PE film laminating paper; Both sides called double PE paper laminating film. 2. Cutting: cutting machine cut the film good paper points for ( Do paper painted with) Rectangular pieces of paper and ( Be at the bottom of the cup with) Paper rolls. 3. Printing: in the rectangular piece of paper with the offset or gravure printing printing patterns. 4. Die cutting: use a flat indentation tangent machine ( Commonly known as die cutting machine) Good will print graphic paper cut into cups, Bowl) In the segment. 5. Molding: in the paper cup machine or paper bowl machine automatic moulding for all kinds of paper cup you need, Paper bowl) 。 Only need to operating personnel will fan paper cups and cup bottom paper rolls in the loading port. Fully automatic forming, out of the cup. A person can easily operate 6. Packing: the prepared paper cups ( Paper bowl) Packed in plastic bags sealing good, and then into the carton packing. Note: the above is all of the process, for the initial investment of domestic investment or not the customer only need to pay attention to the following process: from our PE film paper cups ( Bowl) Is already good laminating paper suppliers buy single ( Double sided) PE film paper ( Is to buy at the bottom of the rectangular pieces of paper and paper cups with rolls of paper) At present most of the PE film paper manufacturers to provide printing and die cutting processing services. If the paper manufacturer does not provide, can look for printing factory outside processing printing and die cutting into a paper cup. Now in addition to the larger manufacturers, independent complete process, most of the investors in the beginning will two process printing and die cutting external processing is complete. Will can reduce initial investment; By professional printing and printing process strongly professional, more can guarantee the quality. Three to a printing press pressure creasing machine (peace Die cutting) Production speed can match four paper cups, paper bowl machine, otherwise it will cause equipment idle. Due to these reasons, we recommend investors to start investing in the project, only for molding process ( Only buy paper cup machine or paper bowl machine or paper boxes) , entrust two process printing, die cutting printing vendors near or in the raw material for paper manufacturer. The two working procedure cost only account for less than 1/20 of the price, there is no effect on profit basically.
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